More Snow For Kids

The best … and true … South Texas Christmas story every told!  This delightful, one-of-a-kind children’s book@123 is written by Clark Childers and illustrated by local art legend and famed potter William Wilhelmi.  It tells the tale of the miraculous snowstorm by chronicling the hours leading up to the storm, why it happened, and how it affected the Gulf Coast of Texas and its residents through photographs, rhythmic and rhyming verse, and clay illustrations.

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Photographers' names as they appear in the book@123




Egglestan, Patty

South Padre Island

2 boys throwing snowballs on beach

Beuchamp, Drake (MD)

Corpus Christi

Little boy looking out window

Weather Service

State of Texas

Weather Service Map

Susser, Pat

Corpus Christi

Susser Play house

Childers, Cecil

Corpus Christi

Grandkids in Snow

Lau, Ben


little boy with arms up catching snow @ night

Sanchez, Jay

Corpus Christi

Son and Niece in snow @ night

Wallace, Roberta

Swinney Switch

Kid on shovel behind horse

Jacobs, Drew

Corpus Christi

guy holding surf board in snow

Tomanek, Kathy


Boy in HEB bag shoes

McCormick, Gloria


Kid with socks on hands

Carter, Mike


Guy in lawn chair sunbathing

Westphal, Susie


Boy under umbrella in snow

Webster, Mary Jane

Corpus Christi

kids in swim suits in snow

James, Mary Lee


Kids holding hands in snow

Davis, Robert


Rockport sign by the beach

Bram, Keith


Church in snow

Meyer, Al


Snowed over Victoria hedges

Jacobs, Drew

Corpus Christi

Art Museum

Tucker, Ellen

Twisted T Ranch

couple standing on wooden porch

Bruun, Lance


girl on swing at Rockport house

Bruun, Lance

Beachwood-Fulton Beach

Park bench and palms by beach in snow

Almanza, Jose


Cactus in Snow

Lool, Kristi D.

Corpus Christi

Snow man standing guard under palm

Derek Wray

Corpus Christi

Man Making Snow Angel

Kloesel, Mary Lea


Kid sitting up making snow angel

Isbell, Stanton


Kid walking with big snowball

Scotch, Gene


twins throwning snow balls at presidio

Christina, Stephanie

Corpus Christi

Sisters looking up/snow falling on them

Jander, LeAnn


little baby eating snow

Lee, Jay


little boys laughing and laying down in snow

York, Tom


Girl hugging Snowman

Hoffman, Sandy


Cat squatting in snow

Susser, Pat

Corpus Christi

Susser's Cat

Silguero, Blanca

Corpus Christi

Boxer jumping in snow

Bahamon, Juan

Corpus Christi

Dog looking up in snow

Doelle, Sandra


Miha in snow

Heese, Valerie


Steer in the snow

Clint, Monica


Cow frozen in snow

Fox, Tommy (Jr)

"Fox Ranch" Cadiz

Horses in pasture crazing on snow

Peters, Kathy

"Lost Oaks Ranch" Goliad

Donkeys in the snow @ fence

Stones, Greeley A.

Gladys Porter Zoo, Brownsville

Flomingos standing around in water and snow

Boggett, Wesley

Calliham (Choke Canyon State Park)

Turkeys in the wild

Hunt, James


Cardinals and other in the snow

Brown, Gary


Parrot in branches covered w/ snow

Garcia, Debra

Corpus Christi

Pelican in the snow

Afflerbach, Kim

Padre Island

Melting Snowman

Macha, Leon

El Campo


Apperson, Marty


Goliad County Courthouse w/ angel in snow

University of Wisconsin- Madison

Satelite of Gulf Coast

Satelite shot

This book@123 is dedicated to my Grandmothers - Ellna C. Clark, who always told me I would one day be a writer, and Leura P. Childers who got me started by letting me continue where she left off. ~ Clark Childers

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